"I like the research approach practised here as it has taken my learning beyond theory. We team work, give presentations and have weekly discussions, all of which is great training. The lecturers are passionate about their work and there is always something going on such as talks and visits that students can get involved in. The participative style of learning increases my efficiency and helps to develop my interests. Coming to MITRANS has been the best decision I have made so far". 



"There are so many resources available for graduate students at MITRANS. Well furnished workstations, laptops, internet facilities and funding are offered to postgraduate students. There is also a great learning atmosphere - friendly, encouraging, active and supportive. I am confident that I can complete my MSc and successfully achieve my goals here".



“The quality of guidance and the many activities for postgraduates has made me a better researcher. Besides the research training, they have provided me with management, presentation and other transferable skills. As MITRANS is a relatively small community, students are also able to build closer relationships with the academics and staff. From my experience of the teaching, facilities and support provided by MITRANS, I know I want to stay on at the institute to pursue my PhD later.”.



“One of the best aspects of my PhD study is the Talk Series which MITRANS conducts involving industry experts. It means I can tap into their brains and also network with specialists in my early research career. This has made the course more insightful and enjoyable.”.