Malaysia Institute of Transport (MITRANS) Laboratory Services provides various laboratory facilities in provision to accommodate research of our clients. Our Transport Laboratory provides various of test to suit the requirements and needs. Despite of our Transport Laboratory, MITRANS also provides services in Food Testing in our Halal Laboratory. MITRANS always committed in increasing the development of Laboratory Services in Halal to suit the demand and requirement of our clients. 

Transport Laboratory

1.  Beam Fatigue Apparatus
2.  Water Baths
3.  UTM-5P Universal Testing Machine
4.  Marshall Stability and Flow
5.  Corelok
6.  Cleveland Flash Tester
7.  Ring and Ball
8.  VBOX
9.  Rice Test Vibrator
10.  Vacuum Pycnometer
11.  Sand Equavalent Shaker
12.  Sieve Analysis
13.  Unbound Material
14.  Buoyancy Balance
15.  Pavement Density Meter
16.  Los Angeles Machine
17.  Rolling Thin Film Oven
18.  Asphalt Content Tester
19.  Aggregate Crushing Value
20.  Mixer
21.  Wheel Tracker


Halal Laboratory

1.  Autoclave 
2.  Incubator 
3.  Laminar Flow Cabinet