The Malaysia Institute of Transport (MITRANS), headquartered in Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) is Malaysia’s leading excellence centre in the field of Halalan-Toyyiban, Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain. For nearly three decades, MITRANS has maintained a threefold mission of research, service and education.

We work in a number of research areas using a variety of approached in providing services to the government, the private sector, the public, the professionals and the practitioners in the industry. In 2009, the Malaysia Institute of Transport (MITRANS), was awarded a RM6 Million research grant by the Malaysian Logistics Council (MLC) (now defunct, but survives in the form of the Malaysian Logsitics and Supply Chain Council under the joint-chairmanship of both Ministry of International Trade and the Ministry of Transport).

Halal Supply Chain is a niche area established under MITRANS-UiTM upon recognition as High Impact Centre of Excellence (HICoE) by the Ministry of Education Malaysia on 9th October 2014. HSC-MITRANS provides cutting-edge tri-fold services for training, consultancy and research for the development of the halal industry locally and worldwide. It is also established with the aim to provide excellent quality of education for professional development and postgraduates in the area of halal supply chain.

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 Recent Research

RMI File No. Title of Project  Head of Project 
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (1/2015) Performance Optimization in Halalal Toyibban Supply Chain - Halal Warehousing P.M. Datin Dr. Noor Habibah Hj. Arshad
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (2/2015) Efficiency of Halalan Toyyiban Risk Management Plan (HTRMP) Implementation on Food Products Handling After Unload at Warehouse Dr. Aida Firdaus Muhammad Nurul Azmi
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (3/2015) Assessing The Effect of Store Equipment, Technology and Visual Merchandising Display on Halal Supply Chain Compliance - A Case of Food Stores P.M. Dr. Anizah Zainuddin
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (4/2015) The Halal Supply Chain of Halal Animal Feed in The Malaysia Livestock Industry Dr. Fadilah Abd Rahman
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (5/2015) Determining The Financial Implication of Halal Logistics Practice by Using Activity Based Costing Dr. Harlina Suzana Jaafar                 
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (6/2015) Developing A Halal Trade Supply Chain Framework Dr. Harlina Suzana Jaafar        
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (7/2015) Developing The Halalan Tayyiban Supply Chain Framework For Logistics Industry Prof. Dr. Muhamad Rahimi Osman
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (8/2015) A Scaling Framework For Halalan Toyyiban Packaged Consumer Goods Using Supply Chain Performance Assessment Metrics Prof. Dr. Saadiah Yahya
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (9/2015) The Development of Halal Supply Chain Risk Management Framework Among Halal Food Manufacturers Dr. Fadilah Abd Rahman
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (10/2015) Collaboration in Halal Bakery Industry Supply Chain Dr. Nasruddin Faisol
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (11/2015) Developing Unified Model of an Effective Governance Towards a Harmonized International Halal Standard For The Supply Chain Industry Dr. Harlina Suzana Jaafar
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (12/2015) Efficiency of Halalan - Toyyiban Risk Management Plan (HTRMP) During Receiving of Dry/Chilled/Frozen Food Product at Warehouse P.M. Dr. Hj Zainal Samicho
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (13/2015) Shelf Life Study of Cream Cake During Transportation in Complying Halalan Toyyiban Supply Chain Prof. Dr. Hjh Noriham Abdullah
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (14/2015) Developing A Halal Air Cargo Logistics Regional Hub  Dr. Shahrin Nasir
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (15/2015) Determinants in Halal Ritual Cleansing Integrity in Transport and Containers Deployment for Halal Logistics Operations P.M. Dr. Sariwati Mohd Shariff
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (16/2015) The Level of Readiness in Adapting Halal Logistics and Its Determinants : The Case of Halal Logistics General Workers in Trucking and Warehouse Department P.M. Sabariah Mohamad
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (17/2015) Sustainability Index For Halal Supply Chains Dr. Harlina Suzana Jaafar 
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (18/2015) Benchmarking The Implementation of Halal Logistics Operations Amongst Logistics Service Providers In Malaysia Azlina Muhammad
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (19/2015) Developing The Professional Body for Shariah Advisors and Auditors For The Halal Industry Dr. Fadilah Abd Rahman
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (20/2015) Models of Halal Hotel : A Comparative Study Between Malaysia, Turkey and UAE Dr. Fadilah Abd Rahman
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (21/2015) Factors Influencing Decision Making to Select Halal Logistics Provider Dr. Nasruddin Faisol
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (38/2015) Developing Corporate Governance Legal Framework For Companies With Stake Holding in Malaysia's Halal Supply Chain P.M. Dr. Irwin U.J. Ooi
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (39/2015) Halal Training Model For Halal Human Capital Development In Malaysia P.M. Dr. Sariwati Mohd Shariff
600-RMI/REG 5/3 (47/2015) Factors Influencing Potential Export Trade Diversion In Malaysia Halal Product Industry Dr. Shahrin Nasir



 Past Research

Malaysia Logistics Council Projects
The role of effective leadership and intellectual capital on learning organizations and its effects on the performance of Malaysian logistics industries - A case of KTMB (Malaysian Railways Bhd)
Competitiveness of logistics development: Malaysia versus advanced countries
Best Practices in Managing Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) Drivers in the Malaysian Logistics Industry
Development of guidelines for cargo crime in logistics industry
Port Cities towards green logistics
Investigating determinants of supply chain management customer value outcomes and its impact on business performance : An analysis on Malaysian convenience store retailers
Benchmarking in the trucking industry: modeling industry structure
Development of comprehensive methodology for monitoring and evaluation of hazardous material dispersion model
Logistics Service Providers' Readiness towards Service Liberalisation
Development of Risk Assessment Tool for Logistics Supply Chain
Study of Cargo Flow Projection for Main Roads in Malaysia
Green and Reverse Logistics in the Supply Chain
The Impact of Information and Communication Technology Usage on Managerial Performance: an Empirical Study at Major Terminal Operators in Malaysia
Developing a Fundamental Framework for Human Resource Development Lolicy for Logistics in Malaysia
Vehicle route optimization for logistics Domain by Using Heuristic Algorithms
The Planning of Logistics Village-A New Concept for Goods Distribution in Peninsular Malaysia
Integrating Customer's Cost in Logistics Cost Analysis
Effective Communication Systems for Malaysian Logistics Industry
The Roadmap of Halal Logistics in the Food Industry
Study on the Effect of Axle Load on the Existing Pavements in Malaysia