The Malaysia Institute of Transport (MITRANS) at UiTM is the nation’s centre for transportation research, logistics planning, consultancy and training. MITRANS works in pursuit of 5 goals: research excellence, continuous innovation and improvement, knowledge and technology transfer, productive partnerships and education advancement for the betterment of mankind and the environment.


MITRANS Research

MITRANS has a strong history of research excellence in the fields of logistics and supply chain, maritime, urban and rural transportation, intelligent transport systems, highway and traffic engineering. Building on UiTM’s breadth of scholarship and entrepreneurial heritage, we engage in multidisciplinary research that addresses the real world challenges in the transportation industry today. Our aim is to deliver research results, innovative solutions and technologies that are of vital importance to the development and future of the industry.


MITRANS Partnerships

The institute has firmly established international and national cooperative links with major governmental, industry and academic partners, which reflects its commitment to fostering strategic and productive knowledge transfer partnerships. Lectures and visits from collaborating academics from the U.K, Europe, Asia and joint research programmes are specific initiatives that have been undertaken in order to consolidate MITRANS’ position as an advisory transportation institute with a global reach.



We employ a multi-disciplinary pool of talent comprising of researchers, associate fellows, visiting and adjunct professors and postgraduate students who creatively engage with each other, giving us access to a wider range of expertise and resources. Collaborations with the globalised research community and industry professionals enable our researchers to participate in cutting-edge networks, thus enhancing their specialist knowledge and know-how.



We offer a range of bespoke professional development courses which are customised to match professional needs. These are designed to help industry practitioners develop the skills they need to address complex and challenging problems in various aspects of the transportation industry. Besides these, graduates may register for part-time or full-time postgraduate studies at Masters and PhD levels which provide opportunities to work with leading researchers and industry leaders. Based on up-to-date research in the transportation industry and delivery by highly qualified academics with strong industry links, our PDC courses, postgraduate programmes and materials are innovative, targeted as well as informed.


MITRANS Centres of Excellence

The institute’s affiliated centres of excellence, the Malaysia Transport Research Laboratory (MTRL), the Malaysia Research Centre for Logistics & Supply Chain (MaRCeLS) established in 1982 and 2009 respectively and the Centre for Public Transport and Sustainable Development are purpose built facilities for researchers that function as research centres and sources of reference. These centres are central to enhancing MITRANS’ technological capability, promoting innovation in the transportation industry, specifically providing services towards the planning and operations of road, rail, ocean and air transportation.


With more than 25 years of research excellence, MITRANS has established itself as a centre of excellence, involved in research of direct impact to the transportation industry. The success stories below testify to the important societal and economic benefits of research and consultancy at MITRANS.

Automotive Remanufacturing Industry in Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Rebuilt Association of Malaysia
Public Transport Master Plan Study for Major Cities and Towns in Malaysia Economic Planning Unit
Financing Model for Line 1 Monorail System in Putrajaya Putrajaya Corporation
Transportation Research Links between EU and Asia for Sustainable Development (TRANSLINK) EU Link
A Survey on Occupancy Rates, Car and Motorcycle Parking Needs According to Types of Residences in Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur City Hall
A survey on the Measures Undertaken to Solve the Problem of Express Bus Shortages during the Festive Season Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development
The Travel Behaviour Impact of the Malaysian Urban High Speed Rail (HSR) Research Management Institute
A Comprehensive Study on Public Transport Fares in Peninsular Malaysia Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development
An Action Plan Study to Strengthen Bumiputra Companies in the Transportation Industry & Logistics Economic Planning Unit
Asphalt Testing The Malaysian Transport Research Laboratory
A survey on Public Transportation in Terengganu Terengganu Development Institute
Bumiputera Commercial And Industrial Community (BCIC) Cluster Development Initiative Blueprint (Transport And Logistics) Innovation Associates/Prime Minister's Department
Level 5 Road Security Audit Report on the North Klang Shortcut (NKSB) Shahpadu Highways Sdn Bhd
Level 5 Road Security Audit Report on the New North Klang Shortcut (NNKSB) Shahpadu Highways Sdn Bhd
Improving Haulage Operational Efficiency (Preliminary Study) Kontena Nasional Bhd.
A study on the Use of Sugarcane Fibre Waste in Hot Mix Asphalt The Malaysian Transport Research Laboratory
Development of Malaysia Traffic Calming Decision Support System Research Management Institute
Passenger Multimodal Terminal Study Research Management Institute
Pavement Distress Evaluation and Categorization Research Management Institute
A Study on Bumiputra Ownership Status in Type A Lorry Transportation Companies Ministry of Entrepreneur Development
The Implementation of the Bus System on the UiTM Campus The Registrar's Office, UiTM
A Taxi Service Study: How Far Leasing of Licenses Happens National Economic Council
A Study on Express Bus Services in Sabah Ministry of Entrepreneur Development
Traffic Volume Study of Shapadu Highway Shapadu
Malaysian Traffic Calming Study Highway Planning Unit, Ministry of Works
A Survey on Rewards and Incentives for Type A Lorry Drivers Ministry of Entrepreneur Development
A Survey on Rewards and Incentives for Type Bus Drivers Ministry of Entrepreneur Development
A Study on the Motor Vehicles Maintenance Sector Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumerism
A Traffic Impact Study on the Proposed Multi-tier car park Complex at Jalan Fikir, UiTM UiTM / SKAZ Consultancy
A Traffic Impact Study on the proposed Corporate Head office, Faculties, Engineering Complex and Additional Hostels UiTM
A Study on the Traffic Flow Circulation System in UiTM Shah Alam UiTM
A Study on Taxi Services / Car Rentals in Johor Bharu, Kota Bharu and Penang Ministry of Entrepreneur Development
A Study on Product Transportation Policy Ministry of Entrepreneur DevelopmentMinistry of Entrepreneur Development
A Comparative Study on SKS Bus Services and KTMB Commuter Services Sistem Kenderaan Seremban / Kuala Lumpur Sdn Bhd (SKS)
Traffic Impact Assessment (NECC) Malaysia Airports Holding Bhd
A Study on Express Bus Service Routes on the Western Corridor, Peninsular Malaysia Ministry of Entrepreneur Development
A Study on Container Services in Peninsular Malaysia Ministry of Entrepreneur Development
A Study on Airport Taxi Services / Car Rentals in Bayan Lepas , PengkalanChepa and Senai (Entrepreneur Profile) Ministry of Entrepreneur Development
STAR LRT Feeder Bus Service Study Light Flow Transit Systems Sdn Bhd
A Study on Stopover Bus Services in the Klang Valley and its Surrounding Area Ministry of Entrepreneur Development
A Study on the Public Transport System and Land Use in Bandar Baru Bangi Selangor Economic Development Corporation (SEDC)



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ruth Banomyong
Head, Department of International Business, Logistics and Transport

  • Designation: Visiting Professor (International)
  • Date of Appointment: 10 May 2016
  • End of Appointment: 9 May 2018

Dato' Dr. Sirajuddin bin Suhaimee
Director Halal Hub, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), Malaysia

  • Designation: Adjunct Professor
  • Date of Appointment: 1 Dec 2016
  • End of Appointment: 30 Nov 2018

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