Master of Science in Transport and Logistics (Research) (LT780)

Malaysia Institute of Transport (MITRANS) offers two academic postgraduate (PG) programs by RESEARCH since the year 2009. Our PG programs aimed to produce postgraduate that meet our Program Educational Objectives :

  1. Professionals who lead the quest for knowledge and skills in the dynamic environment of transport and logistics
  2. Professionals in transport and logistics with exemplary communication and social skills
  3. Professionals with positive traits, high critical thinking and ethical values
  4. Professionals who promote continual knowledge advancement to create opportunities in the transport and logistics industry
  5. Professionals with leadership qualities and capabilities to promote the transport and logistics profession at the institutional, national or international level
  • Minimum a Bachelor degree in any field (minimum CGPA 3.00)
  • Applicants from diverse fields such as law, engineering, business management and architecture are also invited for the Master/PhD research programs in transport and logistics, supply chain management, operational management, HALAL, GREEN, legal and related areas
  • Fresh graduates may apply; however working experience is an advantage

Year One

  • Attend Research Methodology Modules
  • Do Literature Reviews
  • Decide Topic of Research
  • Develop Research Design
  • Complete Research Proposal
  • Defense Research Proposal (DRP)

Year Two

  • Conduct Pilot Study
  • Carry Out Data Collection and Analysis
  • Do Data Analysis
  • Analyse Findings
  • Prepare Thesis
  • Intention to Submit Thesis
  • Submission of Thesis
  • Viva Voce

Each candidate is as assigned to one supervisor and co-supervisor throughout the duration of the study. For the first year, the candidate is required to attend compulsory modules organized by Institute of Graduate Studies UiTM (IPSis) to prepare him/herself to conduct one's own research. Details can be obtained from IPISIS Website.

The candidate will work closely with the supervisor and to present his/her on-going research regularly to MITRANS, seminars, colloquium and conferences until completion and examination of the thesis. These provide exposures and opportunities towards developing meaningful research ideas and findings towards new body of knowledge; and to prepare for final oral examination of viva voce.

These modules are/may be offered to candidate to enhance their knowledge and skills in their fields of research.

  1. Research Method for Transport and Logistics (Research Methodology)
  2. Transport System, Managemnet and Analysis
  3. Principles of Transport Modelling
  4. How to Write a Thesis
  5. Database Management and Handling
  6. Geographic Information System
  7. Traffic Management and others (if relevant)

Candidates who are undergoing our postgraduate programs are supervised by academic staff in Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia and pools of experts from the alumni and the industry in the fields of transport, logistics, engineering, legal, architecture, business and management. Hence, upon completion of the programs, the candidates should able to achieve the Program Outcomes :

  1. Professionals who lead in the quest for knowledge and skills in the dynamic environment of transport and logistics
  2. Write and justify the problem, concept, theory, model, methodology, finding and discussion in the area of transport and logistics
  3. Develop critical thinking, synthesis and evaluation of new and complex issues in written and verbal communication
  4. Contribute significantly to the body of knowledge in transport and logistics through original research and meeting the international standards
  5. Make an independent assessment through witten and verbal communication in the field of transport and logistics to the scholarly community and society at large

MITRANS and UiTM emphasise on Graduate on Time (GOT); thus a candidate is expected to complete his/her study within the stipulated program duration. It is responsibility of the candidate to consult/meet his/her supervisor regularly and plan his/her progress of study. Any request for extension of study, the candidate has to appeal in accordance with IPSis rules and regulations

Master of Science (LT780) 3 - 6 semesters 4 - 8 semesters


Current national strategic transformation plans involving transport and logistics industry including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Institutional factors; Operational issues; Services issues; Policies and laws; Global and International competiteveness' Challenges in business and industry;
  • Human capital development;
  • Technology and innovation; Green Logistics; Halal Logistics; and any other related and relevant areas.

Application can be made online via: