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We are dynamic center of excellence with core expertise in fulfilling any kind of projects which are relevant with our.....

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The Malaysia Institute of Transport (MITRANS), headquartered in Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) is.....

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MITRANS provide various of training in logistics and transport field. All the training schedule can be found.....

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Malaysia Institute of Transport (MITRANS) Laboratory Services provides various laboratory facilities in provision to.....

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Halal Supply Chain

The growth of Halal food market represents a significant potential for international companies, not only in Muslim countries but.....

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Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Studies (Research) with MITRANS at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

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  • To become the world renwoned centre of excellence of innovative solutions and intellectual capacity development in transport, logistics and halal supply chain


  • Achieve financial sustainability from execution of research, consultancy, training and CPD and innovation
  • Accelerate on human capital development
  • Optimize industry linkages and community engagement with local and international agencies in transport, logistics and halal supply chain

Strategic Objectives

  • To engage in advisory and consultancy services with internal and external partners in academia, industry and government
  • To execute multi-disciplinary research that seeks innovative ideas
  • To ensure continued provision of independent research of highest quality
  • To function as a major research database for the nation
  • To cultivate responsive links with global partners that extend our capability and global presence
  • To provide innovative transport & logistics education and human capital development for students and industry professionals