List of Research 2

Past Research Projects:

  1. The role of effective leadership and intellectual capital on learning organizations and its effects on the performance of Malaysian logistics industries - A case of KTMB (Malaysian Railways Bhd)

  2. Competitiveness of logistics development: Malaysia versus advanced countries

  3. Best Practices in Managing Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) Drivers in the Malaysian Logistics Industry

  4. Development of guidelines for cargo crime in logistics industry

  5. Port Cities towards green logistics

  6. Investigating determinants of supply chain management customer value outcomes and its impact on business performance : An analysis on Malaysian convenience store retailers

  7. Benchmarking in the trucking industry: modeling industry structure

  8. Development of comprehensive methodology for monitoring and evaluation of hazardous material dispersion model

  9. Logistics Service Providers' Readiness towards Service Liberalization

  10. Development of Risk Assessment Tool for Logistics Supply Chain

  11. Study of Cargo Flow Projection for Main Roads in Malaysia

  12. Green and Reverse Logistics in the Supply Chain

  13. The Impact of Information and Communication Technology Usage on Managerial Performance: an Empirical Study at Major Terminal Operators in Malaysia

  14. Developing a Fundamental Framework for Human Resource Development Policy for Logistics in Malaysia

  15. Vehicle route optimization for logistics Domain by Using Heuristic Algorithms

  16. The Planning of Logistics Village-A New Concept for Goods Distribution in Peninsular Malaysia

  17. Integrating Customer's Cost in Logistics Cost Analysis

  18. Effective Communication Systems for Malaysian Logistics Industry

  19. The Roadmap of Halal Logistics in the Food Industry

  20. Study on the Effect of Axle Load on the Existing Pavements in Malaysia 



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