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    The growth of Halal food market represents a significant potential for international companies, not only in Muslim countries but also, in western markets with significant and growing Muslim populations among whom Halal observance is on the increase. With the increase in global halal trade, many countries are taking several initiatives to capitalize on the growth potential.

    The concept of Halal had catalyzed advancements in the Halal trades, creating new business drive within the supply chain. The movement of goods and services starting from farm to consumer reviewed to be critically vulnerable to the hazards of food safety contamination and cross-contamination with non-Halal materials or products.

    With global standardization in the certification process for Halal products now including strict criteria throughout the supply chain process, industry players need to be well versed in the whole philosophy in order to maintain the Halal integrity of a product movement especially pertaining to food and beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical. The industry is now demanding more specialized Halal compliant solutions for its complete supply chain process.

    In tandem with the rapid growth of the halal industry worldwide, HSC MITRANS takes the challenge to become the world Preferred One Stop Centre for Halal Business Solutions.


    Training Halal Supply Chain

    1. Halal Awareness

    2. Halal Supply Chain Awareness

    3. Halal Logistic Awareness

    4. Halal Food Requirement (MS1500:2019)

    5. Halal Supply Chain Management System (MS2400:2019)

    6. Principle of Halal from Syariah Perspective

    7. Professional Certification in Halal Executive

    8. Professional Certification in Internal Halal Auditor

    9. Workshop on Halal Testing/Analysis 

    10. Food Hygiene & Food Handler Certification

    11. Good Manufacturing Practices


    For more details, please contact:
    Assoc. Prof. Ts Dr. Aishah Bujang 
    +603-5544 2349
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