Transportation engineering is mostly about planning, designing, building, maintaining, and running transportation facilities. Transportation engineering involves the design of transportation facilities, the materials and thickness of pavement, and the shape of the road or track. Our transportation lab has a wide range of tests to meet our customers' needs and requirements. 

We offer

MTRL is one of the  institutions in Malaysia for asphalt pavement research and testing. We evaluate new products and construction methods that lead to asphalt pavement improvements. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience of the most up-to-date field test equipment. We offer:

  • Structural pavement analysis and design
  • Forensic structural testing and analysis
  • Visual condition surveys to identify existing surface condition
  • Laboratory characterization

Key benefits

Key benefits of a comprehensive evaluation include:

  • Determining current pavement condition and in-situ pavement layer strengths
  • Identifying pavement design parameters
  • Estimating remaining functional and structural serviceable life
  • Proactive identification of early-stage structural problems (proactive pavement management)
  • Site-specific pavement rehabilitation designs (Mechanistic-Empirical)

Lab Equipment

Our MTRL laboratory is well equipped to perform all routine mix design and quality control tests for binders and mixtures, including a full array of Marshal and Superpave asphalt binder-testing equipment such as:

  • Dynamic shear rheometers
  • Bending beam rheometers
  • Pressure aging vessel
  • Direct tension tester

In addition to the capability to perform aggregate source and consensus property testing, the laboratory also includes:

  • Digital aggregate imaging system
  • L.A. abrasion
  • British polishing wheel and pendulum tester

MTRL is equipped to perform advanced characterization mixture tests such as:

  • Dynamic modulus
  • Repeated load deformation
  • Hamburg wheel tracking
  • Indirect tensile creep compliance and strength
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We offer these

  1. Beam Fatigue Apparatus

  2. Water Baths

  3. UTM-5P Universal Testing Machine

  4. Marshall Stability and Flow

  5. Corelok

  6. Cleveland Flash Tester

  7. Ring and Ball

  8. VBOX

  9. Rice Test Vibrator

  10. Vacuum Pycnometer

  11. Sand Equivalent Shaker

  12. Sieve Analysis

  13. Unbound Material

  14. Buoyancy Balance

  15. Pavement Density Meter

  16. Los Angeles Machine

  17. Rolling Thin Film Oven

  18. Asphalt Content Tester

  19. Aggregate Crushing Value

  20. Mixer

  21. Wheel Tracker

Lab Environment and Activities


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