MITRANS University Technology MARA (UiTM) is a service-based centre of excellence and Malaysia's advisory transportation institute, responsible for transportation research, consultancy, and training. The aim of the institute is to play a leading intellectual role in strategic transportation and logistics planning and development. In addition, we aim to contribute to nation-building by providing a stronger focus on delivering innovative solutions to address transportation problems. Over the years, MITRANS has also led the way in making changes in the transportation industry, especially in the implementation of new technologies.

  • To become the world's renowned centre of excellence for innovative solutions and intellectual capacity development in transport, logistics, and the halal supply chain.
  • Achieve financial sustainability through the execution of research, consulting, training, CPD, and innovation.
  • Accelerate human capital development.
  • Optimize industry linkages and community engagement with local and international agencies in transport, logistics, and the halal supply chain. 
  • To engage in advisory and consultancy services with internal and external partners in academia, industry, and government.
  • To execute multi-disciplinary research that seeks innovative ideas.
  • To ensure continued provision of independent research of the highest quality.
  • To function as a major research database for the nation.
  • To cultivate responsive links with global partners that extend our capability and global presence.
  • To provide innovative transport and logistics education and human capital development for students and industry professionals.
  Established in 1982 as the Malaysian Centre for Transport Studies (MaCTRANs), MITRANS traces its origins back to the Faculty of Business Management. The institute was founded upon a proposal put forth by the Deputy Minister of Transport, who foresaw the need for a research centre dedicated to the study of transportation issues. The core mission was to address long term and contemporary transportation challenges through research and innovation, the establishment of smart partnerships involving academic and industrial expertise, and the education and training of future experts in the field.
   In 1995, the former director of MacTRANS, Mr. Mohd Yusoff, wrote the proposal to integrate the transport-related elements from the different schools (now faculties) of business and management, engineering, and town planning. Later, MaCTRANS expanded its activities to include the involvement of experts from other faculties, such as the faculties of civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, the faculty of applied sciences, and the faculty of computer science and mathematics.
   In 2003, spearheaded by the leadership of Yang Mulia Associate Prof. Tengku Dato’ Dr. Jamaluddin Tengku Mahmud Shah Al-haj and his management team, a proposal was submitted to UiTM for the upgrade of MaCTRANS from a centre to an institute. It was approved by the senate and the executive committee of the university in June 2003, and hence, MACTRANS has officially been renamed the Malaysia Institute of Transport (MITRANS), with Yang Mulia Prof. Tengku Dato’ Dr. Jamaluddin becoming its first director.
   The establishment of MITRANS augurs well, with UiTM being the only public institution of higher learning in the country offering comprehensive transport-related studies and training programs. The quality of MITRANS's services is mirrored in its researchers, academics, and postgraduate students, who work in an environment that encourages interdisciplinarity, collaboration, and innovation. Such initiatives have kept MITRANS at the forefront of transportation research while raising the research profile of the university and advancing its mission towards becoming a world-leading entrepreneurial research university.


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